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Resources -- AAW Symposium Handouts

The spreadsheets that were shown during my talk at the AAW 2011 Symposium (Patterns and Recipies for Rose Engine) can be downloaded below.

Download a Mac Disk Image for spreadsheets. These use the Apple "Numbers" spreadsheet and are not compatible with Excel.

PC users with the newest version of Excel can download a ZIP file. Special thanks to John Tarpley for converting the spreadsheets for Excel.

Download the handout pages in pdf from the 2011 Symposium.

Do you want to get into ornamental turning without spending a lot of money? Start with indexing which has always been the primary tool of the ornamental turner.

This presentation will show you how to adapt your present lath to a state-of-the-art indexer by adding a stepper motor to the spindle of an ordinary lathe. I'll present information on additional equipment like cutters and slide rest.

The presentation will show how to decorate a Castle Box using simple indexing techniques as well as other decorative patterns that can be done with indexing.

Download the handout pages in pdf from the 2012 Symposium.